Frequently Asked Questions

Why AOS?

AOS may be the largest organization in North America for several of the subfields it represents, but one of its great strengths is that it is holds comparatively small conferences. Unlike  massive conferences with thousands of participants, graduate students attending AOS don’t get lost in the crowd! When you attend AOS, you can expect to get to know other graduate students from all over the country as well as professors and major scholars in your field. Even before you begin presenting papers, AOS is a unique opportunity to network and establish contacts; in fact, we recommend that you begin attending meetings as early into your graduate career as possible!

How can I stay up to date with AOS news and information?

Aside from this website, there are several ways to stay in contact:

AOS Main Homepage

This page provides general information about AOS, from its history to its current projects. This is the page to check for any questions about the main organization, announcements about annual meetings, how to submit abstracts, etc. 

American Oriental Society Facebook Page

If you are on Facebook, liking this page will give you access to updates and announcements from the main organization. Fellowships and job postings are often posted through this medium.

Graduate Students of the American Oriental Society Facebook Page

This Facebook page is the main hub for real-time communications for graduate students of AOS. Like us here to stay connected before, during, and after the annual meeting, and to have access to resources and information specific to graduate students and recent alumni!

AOS Grads Academia Page

If you don’t already have an Academia account, sign up! The website is free and the easiest way to connect with other scholars across the world. The AOS Grads Academia page is a central point to advertise your doctoral work and join discussion sessions, so please follow us there and submit your dissertation abstract!

I’m interested in leadership roles in AOS, how do I get involved?

You should talk to your current student leaders (see the About Us page) and visit our Get Involved page!