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How can I stay up to date with AOS news and information?

Aside from this website, there are several ways to stay in contact:

AOS Main Homepage

American Oriental Society Facebook Page

Graduate Students of the American Oriental Society Facebook Page

AOS Grads Academia Page

I’m interested in leadership roles in AOS, how do I get involved?

There are several ways to take on leadership roles within AOS, but you have to be proactive! It helps to have attended the Annual Meeting at least once already (although it is not obligatory, especially if you are active in the regional circuits). At the Annual Meeting, you should always attend the Business Meeting, where many of these decisions take place. Depending on the position, however, some of these positions will be decided in the closed Board of Directors meeting. Talk to you current graduate liaison(s) for more information about available positions. All of these roles are only open to current AOS members who are current or recent graduate students. Finally, be familiar with the Constitution and By-laws of the organization if you have aspirations of taking on leadership positions in the future that are not necessarily restricted to students!

Below are brief descriptions of some of the roles available for graduate students. These are all volunteer positions with varying levels of involvement and time commitment. 

Graduate Liaison Position(s)

This position is a two-year appointment by the Board of Directors. This position is possibly the most time-intensive and has the strictest requirements. Please see this page for more information. 

Local City Representatives

AOS moves to a different city each year so there is a need for a few students who are familiar with the relevant city to put together the local city guide! If AOS is coming to the city in which you attend university or live (or lived) and you would like to be involved in this way, please let the Graduate Liaison know as soon as possible! The time commitment depends on how many people are involved and how much you want to do, and is limited since it is restricted to one conference. The main responsibility is the local city guide that is published on this page, which should be completed in advance of the conference, but if representatives are interested in arranging group outings and so forth, they are welcome to do so! This must be done in cooperation with the Liaison so that there will be adequate publicizing and no scheduling conflicts. 

Membership Committee Positions

The Membership Committee was proposed and accepted by the Board at the Annual Meeting in 2015. Its aim is to address membership concerns such as enrollment, retention, dues structures, and so forth. The committee is comprised mostly of faculty and more senior AOS members, but there are a few student positions available by appointment. The Graduate Student Liaison must also sit on this committee. More details will be included here when available. For more information, please contact the Board directly.

Regional Representative Positions

At the moment, there are no official positions for student representatives to the regional conferences within the structure of AOS. However, we are hoping to build this program! Appointments will be made in cooperation with the Regional Board of Directors and the Graduate Student Liaison. If you are interested in developing these positions, please contact both the board of your region and the Graduate Liaison.

Website and Social Media Team

Are you interested in working on this website or our social media presence? If so, please contact the Graduate Student Liaison! We are always looking for people who are interested not just in website maintenance, but also in developing web-based resources, content creation, and creative innovations to better the support this website provides for AOS graduate students and recent alumni. As long as this website is hosted through YaleSites, knowledge of Drupal 7 is preferred but not required. No expertise is necessary if you are interested in helping administer existing social media groups like the Facebook and Academia pages. If the website moves in the future, we will be looking for team members who have more extensive experience with website building.