Graduate Student and Recent Ph.D.s Events

First Day Lunch

Get to know your fellow graduate students! If you are arriving before the afternoon session begins on the first day of the conference, we are planning to meet up and venture off conference grounds for lunch together. More details will be given as the date of the conference approaches.

Hope to see you there!

The Graduate Student and Recent Ph.D.s Breakfast

Officially listed in your program as “The Annual Breakfast for Graduate Students and Recent Ph.D.s,” this breakfast is a space for graduate students and recent alumni to gather together and enjoy free food and good company. It’s not just breakfast with your peers, though! 

Each breakfast is an hour long and has a theme relevant to our demographic, and includes a presentation or discussion of this topic.

Subjects in recent years have included:

  • a panel of professors discussing the market for tenure-track positions
  • an open discussion by recent alumni who hold non-tenure faculty or postdoctoral positions
  • a presentation by university librarians about alternative career paths within academia

What is the Topic of This Year’s Breakfast?

Navigating the World of Publishing in Academic Journals

Feeling lost about choosing between the different publication options? Have you been wondering about how to publish your first journal article? Are you new or relatively new to publishing and have questions about the process? 

We are pleased to announce that this year, the AOS graduate students and recent Ph.D.s breakfast will host Professor Stephanie Jamison (UCLA), editor of the Journal of the American Oriental Society, and Professor Christopher Woods (UChicago), editor of the Journal of Near Eastern StudiesBoth will discuss the process of paper review, acceptance, and publishing from the editor’s point of view. They will offer tips on how to prepare for submission and how to deal with editorial comments. A Q&A session will follow, and students are encouraged to prepare questions.

This event is coordinated by Na’ama Pat-El (ANE Section Chair) and your graduate student representatives. We hope to see you there for good food, good company, and informative discussions!

The Breakfast will take place on Saturday the 19th from 8-9 AM in the Harriet Beecher Stowe Room.

I have a topic I would like to suggest!

Great! We are always looking for new, innovative, and relevant suggestions for the annual breakfast! Please submit your suggestions, comments, or critiques though either the survey or by contacting us directly. We look forward to hearing your idea!

Business Meeting

The Business Meeting is not strictly a graduate student event but rather is meant for all members of AOS. During this meeting, we are given important communications and news about the organization, and have the opportunity to bring proposals and vote on measures. We strongly encourage you to attend! Visibility is an important part of our ability to have a voice in the way the organization is run, and the Business Meeting is the place to bring any graduate student (or general) concerns directly to the Board. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the organization’s Constitution and By-Laws as well, which are found on the main organization’s website–this will help you navigate the way things work.  
The Business Meeting will take place on Sunday the 20th from 5:15-6 PM in the Alcott Room.